Learning From the History by Neil Dhillon

Neil Dhillon

Neil Dhillon works as a Global Public Affairs Professional and a lobbyist at NA Consulting Services based in Washington, DC. Because of his 30 years’ experience in the political field, he was able to develop government relations policies and strategies for his numerous power clients including the trade groups, foreign government and 500 Fortune Companies. He also worked as a Senior Aid to ex-President Bill Clinton and helped the Capitol Hill and the Knowlton International Public Relations firm to become a top performing and award winning company.

In order for him to have an edge in his consulting work, he uses his knowledge in history. He acquired his Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science at the American University in 1984. After he graduated, he was able to maintain his deep interest in the world history, especially the way it affect the current political climate and its results in the future.

Neil Dhillon

Neil Dhillon believes that everything can be solved by learning the past. He sees the past as a laboratory which can explain everything in the present and future. It can also show why people do things they do in an organized society. Because of his knowledge in history we has able to give advises to some of the most powerful trade groups, Congressman, foreign governments, companies, politicians, and many other. He knows the power within the past decision and how it might affect the present decisions.

In addition, Neil believes that understanding the past is duty for the informed citizens who are wanting to participate in Democracy. The past holds the answers to the present and future problems. The productive dialog of the public needs to be rooted in past issues and history of a certain issue at hand.

In 2008, he entered the private sector and became the Sr. Vice President at Hill and Knowlton. Under his leader, the firm was name as the “Agency of the Year” 6 years in a row.

Recently, Dhillon was a huge talk in news as he correctly predicted that the Republican Party would again take control of US Senate and will strengthen its majority in House of Representatives in 2014 midterms. When he announced this words, no one believes him 6 months before the election but, he cite the recent history and the Pres. Obama’s rating approval. According to Dhillon, the opposition’s party of the President saw a boost in legislative branch, which would happen on the President’s second term.