Andrea Doven: Work Life

Andrea Doven

Are you familiar with Andrea Doven? Do you have any information about his life? Doven was born in NY City. Before she started with her showbiz career as an actress, she was first accepted in one of the respected performing arts located at SUNY purchase located just outside of the city. In the audition, there are thirty five thousands of actors applied and one of those actresses who get to the audition is Andrea. Out of 3, 500 actors who have applied on the audition, only thirty of the best were selected and given the chance to be a part of the performing arts. After she already completed the arts, she was very proud and happy to achieve and get her bachelor degree in prestigious performing arts.

After she finished her college, Doven decide to put up and produced her own theatre arts in New York. In addition to that, also she went on to help manage one of the top catering companies in the city. These will the start of success of Andrea and the stepping stone of her career in the city.

For the following nineteen years, Andrea Doven has already become the Odin Productions executive director. It is a production company that is owned and managed by Tom Cruise. Being the executive director, she ran the everyday operation of the company, providing the logistical support for producers and artists engaged in the productions of film all over the world. This support of the film productions involves project management, location establishment, more international travel, management and hiring of all company personnel, also daily coordination with all PR professionals and business management.

Andrea Doven

In the year 2002, Andrea Doven became one of the founding members of Literacy project, Hollywood education and not-profit organization. Also, aside from being a member, she produced also many fundraisers for one of the organization, which earned up to million dollars. These organizations aim to help many children and youth to continue their studies. For these organizations, Andrea was known because of her kind and generous heart to help people involved in the organization.

Andrea Doven is an organized, dedicated and hardworking executive with good and outstanding administrative leadership. Also, she is a woman who has extra ordinary records of effective handling of every personnel at any levels.

Today, Andrea Doven is called by many professionals in several industries to help them choose and qualified employees for their organizations.